Membership Information

What if no one answered the Call?

This slogan,  used in a national volunteer recruitment, sums it up well.

How Can You Help?

Desire To Serve. Courage To Act.

Firefighting is not for everyone, but Volunteering can be. There is plenty of opportunity to serve the community through the South Wales Volunteer Fire Company and much of it has nothing to do with actual firefighting. Fire and emergency services are one of the most diverse and challenging professions today and everyone can contribute in some capacity – even you. The South Wales Volunteer Fire Company is currently seeking dedicated men and women to join our team.

Get involved! Serve your community, help your neighbor, learn something new, and challenge yourself to make a difference.

Why Volunteer?

Community service, neighbors helping neighbors, and the satisfaction of knowing that you made a difference are all good reasons to volunteer. Most communities rely on the people who live within them to help each other, and South Wales is no exception. Perhaps one of your neighbors is a volunteer with the South Wales Fire Company, already.

Please stop by the fire hall any Thursday evening between 7pm and 9pm to meet our current volunteers, to pick up an application, or to discuss memebership with any of our members. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, and welcome the opportunity to provide you with additional information about volunteering with the South Wales Fire Company.