7/2015 Fire truck pull – Females

The SWFC Females were the 1st all girls team for the fire truck pull. Kayla Jakubczak, Charlene Schneckenberger, Linda Popiel, Deanna Breeser, Brenda O’Connor, Cheryl Ciapa

9/2013 Chicken BBQ, with Mercy Flight coming for a visit

Two children dressing up in fire gear                                                                                      Jason Breeser & his son Hunter sitting in Mercy Flight


8/2013 Golf outing for Mercy Flight

Cheryl Ciapa, Nick Pollutro, Chris Gowanlock, Kathy Rose

Are golf team came in 1st place & won Mercy Flight to come to the fire company

for a visit. They will be coming to our chicken BBQ

5/2013 Memorial Day Parade in Wales Ctr.

JT Cashmore, Ian Ginnick                                                                                                                       Chris Gowanlock, Cheryl Ciapa, Tim Hausauer, Nate Damon

2011 Preschool Fire Prevention

Brian Greeson talking to preschool students about EMS & Fire Fighting

Ian Ginnick dressed in full turn out gear with air packs.

2009 Fire Prevention at Immaculate Conception

Chief Mike McClure, Linda Popiel, Ed Kibler                                        Linda Popiel & Ed Kibler showing the students how to use the hose off the fire truck.

2009 Fire Prevention at Holland School

Linda Popiel talking to Students at Holland School                                                              Katie Ginnick

2008 Fire Prevention

Chief Mike McClure demonstrates how to put on SCBA equipment.                                            Brian Greeson explaining first aid in the ambulance

Brian Greeson, Ed Kibler

Ed Kibler letting the children use the fire hose.

2007 Chicken BBQ

Paul Rose mixing the coleslaw for the chicken BBQ                                                          Bill Reed checking the chicken