11/2015 The Gow School – Old Art Building

This is the old Art building at The Gow School. This was originally a barn, then a

chapel for the school, then class rooms & then an art class room. 11/2015 this building

was taken down.

7/2015 Fire truck pull – Females

The SWFC Females were the 1st all girls team for the fire truck pull. Kayla Jakubczak, Charlene Schneckenberger, Linda Popiel, Deanna Breeser, Brenda O’Connor, Cheryl Ciapa

12/2014 Christmas Cheer Baskets

The South Wales Fire Company every year makes up baskets and delivers them to

residents in our fire district who have lost a loved one, illness, hardship.

Goodleburg Cemetery

Goodleburg Cemetery – 2013

It is said that Dr. Goodleberg performed illegal abortion s then burying the newborn & patient that didn’t survive the procedure

behind his home located on a small hill overlooking the cemetery

9/2013 Chicken BBQ, with Mercy Flight coming for a visit

Two children dressing up in fire gear                                                                                      Jason Breeser & his son Hunter sitting in Mercy Flight


8/2013 Golf outing for Mercy Flight

Cheryl Ciapa, Nick Pollutro, Chris Gowanlock, Kathy Rose

Are golf team came in 1st place & won Mercy Flight to come to the fire company

for a visit. They will be coming to our chicken BBQ

The Gow School


Cornwall Building

Dinning Hall and Gow Center

Green Cottage

Whitcomb Building

Warner House


Orton Building




5/2013 Memorial Day Parade in Wales Ctr.

JT Cashmore, Ian Ginnick                                                                                                                       Chris Gowanlock, Cheryl Ciapa, Tim Hausauer, Nate Damon

2012-Holland fire

2012 House fire in Holland, SWFC members were finished and walking back to our fire truck.

2011 – Ken Brown

Ken Brown from The Field of Dreams Christmas Tree Farm, donates the Hot Coco money to the fire company every year.

2011 – Ken Brown of Field of Dreams hot coco girl donates a check to the South Wales Fire Company treasurer Cheryl Ciapa.

2011 Cheer Baskets

2011 – Christmas Cheer Baskets, we deliver these baskets to people in need in our fire district

2011 Preschool Fire Prevention

Brian Greeson talking to preschool students about EMS & Fire Fighting

Ian Ginnick dressed in full turn out gear with air packs.

2011 Drill at Richardson Cottage

Drafting from the creek at Richardsons Cottage                                                          Drafting from the portable pond

2009 Fire Prevention at Immaculate Conception

Chief Mike McClure, Linda Popiel, Ed Kibler                                        Linda Popiel & Ed Kibler showing the students how to use the hose off the fire truck.

2009 Drill as a fill site & to draft from the pond at Emery Park

#5 is fill the portable pond                                                                                           #4 is getting ready to draft from the portable pond

2009 Fire Prevention at Holland School

Linda Popiel talking to Students at Holland School                                                              Katie Ginnick

2008 Fire Driil with Wates Ctr.

Dave Benedict learning how to exit a window.                              Dave Benedict coming out the window                                          How to chop a hole in the roof.

Jeff McMullen breaking a window                                                                              Jeff McMullen

2008 Fire Prevention

Chief Mike McClure demonstrates how to put on SCBA equipment.                                            Brian Greeson explaining first aid in the ambulance

Brian Greeson, Ed Kibler

Ed Kibler letting the children use the fire hose.

2007 Rope Climbing Drill

Dave Benedict                                                                                                                 Cheryl Ciapa, Kathy Rose

Cheryl Ciapa, Brian Greeson

2007 Chicken BBQ

Paul Rose mixing the coleslaw for the chicken BBQ                                                          Bill Reed checking the chicken

2006 Fire in the wood on Warner Hill in Wales Ctrt.

RJ Bragg on #5                                                                                                   Cheryl Ciapa, Brian Greeson, Mike McClure, Marty O’Connor, Jeff McMullen

Cleaning up & loaning the hose back onto #5

1995 Truck #2

October 1995 – South Wales Fire Company has a new Fire Engine #2.

This was dedicated in memory of John Pierce.

1992 Ambulance #8

1992 – South Wales Fire Company has  new International Ambulance #8

Herb Evans

Herb Evans giving demonstration to St. Mary’s

School for the Deaf

Herb Evans

Herb Evans lived on Warner Hill Rd.

1986 #8 Ambulance

1986 – South Wales Fire Company has a new #8 Ford Ambulance.


1985 Fire Truck #2 (1962 Ford)

1985 – South Wales Fire Company has a fire truck #2. This fire truck

is a 1962 ford and it was completely refurbished by Sabra Custom.

1983 Tanker #5

September 1983 – South Wales Fire Company has a new Tanker Truck #5.

This truck holds 3000 gallons of water. This truck is called The Camel.

1978 Mini Pumper #4

October 1978 – South Wales Fire Company purchased a new Mini Pumper #4.

Nick name Mighty Mouse,

1975 #7 Rescue Truck

September 1975 – South Wales Fire Company has a new #7 Rescue

Truck from Agway.

1972 Bath Tub Races

1972 – Bath Tub Races behind the Community Hall and the South Wales Fire Hall. These races were with the neighboring Fire Companies.


1972 Ambulance

1972 – South Wales Fire Company has a new Ford Ambulance.

Corner Store

Taking the store apart that was on the Corner of Olean Rd. & Emery Rd.

1966 – RT 400 started

After several years of planning and a great deal of political debate about which path the new highway would

taker, construction of the Aurora Expressway (Route 400) from the NYS Thruway near Buffalo to South

Wales began in 1966. Original plans called for the highway to pass around the west side of the village of East

Aurora, but it ultimately ended up on the east side. A support beam is maneuvered around a tight corner at

Main and Olean Streets during construction.  The Globe Hotel can be seen in the background.

Cranes are used to lift the beams into place on top of the bridge piers in 1969. The ribbon was

cut in September 1971. The expressway drastically cut the amount of time it took motorists to

get to Buffalo, and it quickly became a busy

commuter route.

1965 Ambulance

November 1965 – South Wales Fire Company has a new Chevy Ambulance

1964 Tanker Truck #5

March 1964 – South Wales Fire Company has a new Tanker Truck placed in service as

Truck #4, later changed to #5.

1963 SWFC 1st Female

South Wales Volunteer Fire Company first female firefighter Flossie Bragg & Helen Silliman

First Female Firefighters in Erie County

According to the April 9, 1962 issue of The Buffalo Evening News, Mrs. Florence Bragg and Mrs. Helen Siliman of the South Wales Fire Company were the first two women firefighters in Erie County.

1954 Chevy Equipment Truck

February 1971 – South Wales Fire Company has a 1954 Chevy Equipment

truck from Main & Transit for $150.00.

1951 Fire Truck #1


October 1951, the South Wales Fire Company has a new John Bean fire truck #1. This was

rolled over and needed extensive collision work. It had a 1952 cab installed on it.

The Gow School Early Yrs.

1940 – The Gow School Main Building

1950 – The Gow School Cornwall Building

1950 – The Gow School Ellis Building

1950 – The Gow School – Admissions Building

The Gow School the early years


1928 Fire Truck



1928  – South Wales Fire Company has their first fire truck.

1927 – South Wales Baseball Team

South Wales baseball players pose for a team picture before a game in 1927. Baseball teams

became a source of community pride in the hamlets and villages  of Aurora and surrounding


1920’s Emery Park

Members of the Erie County Board of Supervisors and Park  Commissioners meet outside  the Emery Inn at

Emery Park in the late 1920’s  to officially reopen the building after an extensive remodeling project. The Inn,

once part of the Emery pioneer homestead, was later used as a museum and restaurant.

1918 – South Wales Fair

1918 – South Wales Fair Days – South Wales Red Cross marching in the parade. The Fairs days ran from 1917-1966.

1914 brick road from EA to SW

1914 a brick road was built from East Aurora to South Wales

1920’s on one very hot summer day, the road buckled on Olean Rd. near Blakeley Corners Rd.

blacksmith – Johnny Allen

Working on horse shoes. At the turn of the century, the local blacksmith was the car repair technician of the day. Johnny Allen

who had the shop in the Town of South Wales, works on some horse shoeing.

1800’s over looking the Emery Rd.

The residence and mills of L.C. Cormwall are shown here as they were in the mid 1800’s. Before 1850 and for

more than half a century, Lyman Cornwall operated a sawmill  and gristmill on Emery Rd. in South Wales.

This later became the site of Gow School. Cornwall was Aurora’s town supervisor from 1876 to 1878.